Visual file space for creative teams.

Organize your files and collaborate in a visual, fast and flexible way.

A collaboration tool for innovators

See all your file through a single zoomable map, and navigate easily.

Easy to use

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Better than your file manager

Default File Manager

- Visually Restrictive
- Slow
- Inefficient
- Limited


- Visual
- Fast
- Productive
- Limitless


Navigate by ZoomingSee your entire file system. Navigate easily by zooming and panning. Experience the fastest and most immersive file browsing experience. FileMap reveals all folders at once, provides immediate visual access and instant zooming ability to any point.

Control Your File SystemYou can easily edit your file system as if you are using your default file manager. You can easily do file operations such as move, cut, copy, paste, delete with FileMap's user interface. When you change your FileMap layout, your file system will be updated in real-time.

Move and Resize AnythingExpress your ideas freely. Modify the layout by making files and folders large or small.  FileMap is flexible and customizable.

See File PreviewsSee file previews instantly just by zooming in. FileMap will show 3D files, 2D files, PDF files, and many other file types directly in its UI.

Invite your team and enjoy the most productive and engaging real-time collaboration experience.

The world's most immersive file collaboration experience

For all visual fields

Industrial Design
Graphic Design

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