How to maintain the creative flow state during the design process

Apr 3, 2023


How to maintain the creative flow state during the design process


In the digital age, the concept of the "flow state", as formulated by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, is pivotal for professionals in creative and innovative fields. The flow state signifies a zone of deep engagement, where productivity and creativity flourish. However, this essential state is often disrupted by conventional digital tools, notably the traditional file managers like Windows File Explorer or Apple Finder.

The Challenge with Default File Managers

The inherent limitations of default file managers, which include those for cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive, frequently impede our ability to manage the myriad files and folders efficiently. Navigating through a labyrinth of nested folders, maintaining an awareness of our location within the file system, and adhering to rigid organizational rules often prove challenging. These issues are compounded by the necessity to alternate between the file system and separate communication apps, leading to unnecessary interruptions that impair the flow state.

FileMap: Our Innovative Approach to File Management

To tackle these challenges and sustain the flow state, we've developed FileMap - an innovative tool designed to transform the paradigm of file management.

Our solution starts with a unique zooming graphical user interface that visually represents the file system akin to a geographical map. This intuitive design element drastically simplifies navigation, reducing what could be minutes of clicking through folders to mere seconds of zooming in and out.

Beyond quick navigation, our interface allows for a more conscious and subconscious mapping of your workspace. This immersive and intuitive navigation helps maintain the flow state by reducing interruptions and making it easier for you to keep track of your location within the file system.

Further enhancing the visualization, FileMap provides the freedom to organize files and folders flexibly. Our system leverages iconography, permitting users to arrange their workspace in a way that best represents their workflow, effectively telling the story of their project visually. This flexible layout helps to accelerate understanding and project communication, reducing the cognitive load and boosting productivity.

Another feature that aids in maintaining the flow state is our integrated file preview system. FileMap allows you to quickly view the contents of a file without having to open it. This accelerated understanding of file contents further reduces interruptions, keeping you focused and in the flow.

Moreover, we've brought communication directly into FileMap. This integrated messaging feature eliminates the need for external apps, reducing disruptions and promoting a streamlined workflow. In doing so, FileMap becomes a central hub for file management and team collaboration.

Lastly, we've ensured that FileMap integrates seamlessly with your existing file system. It functions as an additional cognitive tool for managing your work, allowing you to maintain a live and accurate overview of your project without altering your original system.


In essence, FileMap is our answer to the challenges posed by traditional file managers that often disrupt the crucial flow state. By providing a streamlined, intuitive, and interactive platform for file management and collaboration, FileMap fosters creativity, enhances productivity, and helps maintain the flow state in the digital workspace of today.

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