Digital Media Creator and Multimedia Artist Internship

Location: Ankara - Tepe Prime

Who We Are:

Headquartered in San Francisco and Ankara, FileMap is a dynamic software startup at the forefront of file management and collaboration tools specifically tailored for designers and innovators. We've revolutionized the user interface, making it more visual, more efficient, and significantly faster than conventional OS file managers or services like Google Drive. Our team, composed of dedicated engineers and designers, is driven by a passion for propelling design, education, and innovation through groundbreaking technologies.

What We Do:

We've created FileMap, a unique collaboration tool for designers, architects, and innovators, designed to enhance the way we interact with shared folders. It streamlines and elevates design and innovation-related work, making it faster, more visually engaging, and more immersive. We are primarily launching FileMap for distinct creative sectors.

What We Look For:

We are looking for an inventive designer who is excited about the prospect of interning at our startup. We look forward to a partnership focused on the creation and editing of diverse media content, like long-form YouTube videos, short social media clips, a variety of image content for social platforms, podcasts, and blog posts. We aim to explore methodologies like AI-based image, audio, and video creation, storyboarding and scriptwriting, real-time visualization with Unreal Engine, and other innovative audio-visual design and storytelling approaches. Ultimately, we aim to narrate our story and highlight FileMap's potential impact on the creative industry through diverse content forms.

Content Strategy:

Considering the visual appeal of our software, we prioritize video and image content as it offers an effective way to promote FileMap. Our content strategy will draw from our software-related research and texts that illustrate our company and potential contributions to the design industry.

Sample Video Content:

Here are a few examples of the video and image content we plan to produce:

  • FileMap tutorials illustrating its use in diverse creative and innovative design processes.

  • Demos showcasing FileMap's features and functions.

  • Videos illustrating the design process at schools or firms using FileMap, inclusive of testimonials.

  • More abstract videos on design and creativity.

  • Internal interviews.

  • Podcasts featuring renowned architects, designers, and innovators.

  • Collaboration with YouTube channels that relate to architecture, design, creativity, and innovation.

Your Contribution:

Research and Planning:

  • Gaining deep insights into our company's purpose and motivation.

  • Analyzing our current software, video, text, audio, content, and other helpful materials.

  • Assisting with our content planning process.

  • Helping our social content strategy.

  • Conceptualizing long and short-form video ideas.

  • Conducting strategy research on similar software companies and influencers in design fields.

  • Researching content creation methods, tools, software, and workflows.

  • Researching social media platform post format conventions and adjusting our templates to align with best practices.

Production Related:

  • Adapting our philosophical texts and written content into video, image, or audio content.

  • Editing existing videos or creating new ones in various formats for different platforms.

  • Using existing images or creating new ones.

  • Re-purposing content (for example, slicing a long-form video into clear short-form videos).

  • Posting videos to relevant platforms following best practices.

  • Researching and selecting suitable audio effects and music for our videos and podcasts.

  • Researching best practices, tools and plugins related to video editing.

Optional Responsibilities (not mandatory):

  • Social media ad posting and performance tracking.

  • Email marketing (Mailchimp)

  • Basic SEO.

  • Website design (Webflow).

Software Skills:

  • Proficiency in video editing software like Premiere Pro.

  • Familiarity with graphic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma.

Optional Skills:

  • Video shooting ability.

  • Understanding of lighting and audio setup.

  • Familiarity with recording tools like OBS.

  • Storyboarding and sketching skills.

  • English creative writing and interviewing skills.

  • Knowledge of marketing and branding concepts.

  • SEO and social media marketing skills.

  • Knowledge of design tools, processes related to the architecture and design industry.

  • Ability to use AI-based music generation tools.

Intangible Skills:

  • Strong storytelling ability.

  • Creativity and visual composition skills.

  • An acute sense of audio design.

  • High emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

  • Curiosity and research skills.

  • Interest in philosophical exploration and intellectual growth.


  • A unique experience at our tech startup brimming with ambition and talent, offering insight into our technological development, culture, and philosophy.

  • Potential for part-time or full-time employment post-internship.

  • Experience with diverse tools, methodologies, and techniques stimulating your creativity.


  • You will receive compensation for your work during the internship.

How to Apply:

  • Please share your portfolio with us. (PDF, Website, Videos or any other format).

  • A brief explanation of why you're interested in this opportunity.


  • careers[at]filemap[dot]com

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