FileMap Internship Program

FileMap is a San Francisco-based software startup developing a visual file system interface and collaboration platform for designers, architects, and engineers to streamline their project development processes.

We have started conducting interviews and evaluating applications for computer engineering students who are interested in working with us during their internship period. If you want to work with us during your internship, please send an email to careers[at]filemap[dot]com

The following information will help you better understand our working topics, conditions, and selection criteria.

Alternative Working Topics:

  1. Frontend: Develop new features for FileMap's interface, conduct R&D on UI-UX.

  2. Performance optimizations for FileMap's WebGL graphics engine.

  3. Developments related to FileMap's file system operations, file synchronization, and cloud system.

  4. Developments on the file viewer system, developing new file content visualizers for FileMap (e.g., 3D, 2D files, Word, PDF, video, etc.).

Selection Criteria:

  • CV, Transcript, and projects you have developed so far.

  • Interview.

Experience in the following areas is preferred:

  • General: Javascript/Typescript, Node.JS, Electron,

  • Frontend: WebGL, Three.js, React.

  • Cloud: Real-time client-cloud architectures and Rest API technologies.

  • TypeORM/MikroORM, PostgreSQL, Redis/Bull, NestJS, AWS (S3, EC2), Docker/Kubernetes.


  • Ankara: We will meet at our Ankara Tepe-Prime office. All other work will be conducted online (Slack, Zoom, FileMap).

  • San Francisco: We plan to move to our San Francisco office during FileMap's scaling phase. FileMap will develop as a two-centered company, with one foot in Ankara and the other in San Francisco.

Depending on the scope of the projects you create during your internship and your overall work experience, you may have the opportunity to join FileMap's main team. The primary goal of organizing our internship program is to find team members to work with in the long term.

Support Programs / Incubators:

FileMap is supported by various institutions and support programs in the United States and Turkey, including the Washington DC 1776 Global Incubator, TÜBİTAK 1512, and 1507 Program.


You will be paid for your work during the internship.

Application Email:

When applying for an internship, please share the following documents:

  • University / department information.

  • Transcript.

  • CV / personal work samples.

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