FileMap Use Cases

FileMap is versatile and can be used in a wide range of scenarios including individual work, group projects, teaching, and more.

Digital Teamwork Experience

Projects today are complicated, so people need to work together. With FileMap, they can do this, no matter if they're in the same place or far apart.

Design Schools

Coordinate the entire education and file sharing process. Create a better teacher-student and student-student communication.


Coordinate workshops, experience exciting and engaging moments in the entire process.

Workspace Concept

FileMap provides workspaces where you can link multiple folders, allowing for various scenarios to be built on this concept.

Personal Use

Everything you need in a single workspace

Personal Projects

Link your local folders and manage

Link your local folders and manage.

Second Brain

Store and organize your ideas visually.

Design Offices

Improve the file sharing, collaboration and communication.

Remote Collaboration

Drastically improve remote work. Make remote work more efficient and engaging. Feel present at all times.

Same Space Collaboration

Find and present anything anytime in the office. Drastically reduce confusion within your team.

Coordinate Your Organization

Your FileMap can reflect your office or school. Zoom to departments and people. Gather everyone digitally.

Present in a Familiar Way

Architects and designers are familiar to the physical presentations on walls and whiteboards. FileMap enables the same experience in a digital form with your file system. Now your file system will be directly connected to the presentation surface. A live seamless real-time connection.

Productive Quick Reviews

Present your work at any time. Make internal reviews 10x more efficient.

Jury Presentations

No need for PowerPoint, Indesign or printing. Project FileMap on a large walls for important presentations.

Client Reviews

Better communicate your project to your clients. Increase the quality of the conversation by zooming to the right object immediately.

Lectures & Symposiums

Engage your audience. Easily switch to the big picture. Seamlessly navigate Q&A sessions.

Storyboard for Film Production

Construct your multimedia storyboard. Use the power of all types of media such as images, videos and 3D files. Easily explore alternative scripts and options.


Art Display

Display your artwork beautifully. Let the work present itself.

Re-think Archiving

Your archive immediately accessible at any time.

Image Archive

See your images like never before. Group, organize and select images in FileMap's flexible format.

Digital Library

Archive your asset libraries such as materials, 3D models, 2D files, stock images and videos. Place them in your workspaces and quickly access them.

Digital Exhibition

Use FileMap to showcase your digital art for large audiences.