FileMap Desktop

FileMap Desktop

FileMap Desktop is a visual, fast, and efficient way to manage your desktop.

Once connected, FileMap runs like a separate app, enhancing the look, feel, and functionality of your desktop. FileMap helps you see everything, organize freely by moving and resizing files and folders, and zoom in to find anything instantly. You can also manage your entire team's collaboration by uploading folders to Google Drive or OneDrive directly from FileMap.

FileMap is a digital interface for all your creative, personal, and collaborative work.

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Show your desktop

FileMap will show your desktop and sync with it. Anything you do in one will be reflected to the other.

Upload and collaborate

Connect Google Drive and upload any folder directly from your desktop. Invite your team and collaborate real-time.

Organize freely

Move and resize anything freely to illustrate your process.

See all sub-folders and files

Make your entire folder structure visible and easy to navigate.